GlycoMIP Highlights

GlycoMIP Hosts 2nd Annual Summer School at VT

GlycoMIP’s second annual summer school was held in the VT GlycoMIP facility June 13-17, 2022. A diverse group of 22 academic and industry scientists from 11 different universities and companies participated in the program.


GlycoMIP "graduates" first Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow

As part of Virginia Tech's Fralin Life Sciences Institute (FLSI), GlycoMIP supported its first Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow, SURF, in 2021. A 10-week, 40-hours per week program of research and professional development activities, SURF offers motivated undergraduate students a glimpse of graduate research.


GlycoMIP introduces STEM teachers to glycan modeling tool

As part of its outreach mission, GlycoMIP provided education about glycomaterials to high-school STEM teachers through the Teacher Enrichment Program of the Center for Excellence in Education.


GlycoMIP User Facility installs first two Glyconeers® in U.S.

Meet Gottfried and Ingeborg – fully automated oligosaccharide synthesizers (Glyconeers®) from GlycoUniverse. The Glyconeers® are complemented by a suite of preparative and analytical instruments housed in the MP's synthesis facility that release resin-bound glycans, deprotect, purify, and characterize them.


GlycoMIP and a Novel Peptidoglycan Structure in Lyme Disease

The GlycoMIP User Facility at Virginia Tech is supporting the work of Dr. Brandon Jutras, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at VT in characterizing a novel glycan in the cell wall of Borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of Lyme disease. The findings described in the paper are important for understanding how glycan composition imparts dramatic biophysical changes in cell wall flexibility, elasticity and shape, which are ultimately reflected in bacterial motility and survival.


The Unusual Cell Wall of the Lyme Disease Spirochaete Borrelia Burgdorferi is Shaped by a Tick Sugar

The GlycoMIP User Facility at Virginia Tech supported the research of Dr. Brandon Jutras, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at Virginia Tech and frontier researcher in understanding, detecting and eradicating Lyme disease. Dr. Jutras has published high-impact article in Nature Microbiology revealing the glycan composition of the Lyme disease spirochaete Borrelia burgdorferi’s cell wall.


GlycoMIP inaugural Summer School reaches 200 participants

GlycoMIP's first summer school was far-reaching Using a Zoom webinar format, 15 instructors from across the world offered lectures in their areas of expertise. Program content aligned directly with the synthesis, analysis and modeling services of GlycoMIP's user facility.

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