Vapourtec R-Series Flow Chemistry System

Instrumentation | Synthesis and Formulation

The Vapourtec flow chemistry R-series system is a flexible, precise, and automatable platform designed for efficient synthesis, reaction optimization, and scale-up. The user-friendly walk-up interface allows all users to leverage the advantages of flow chemistry, including precise temperature control, shortened reaction times, low risk in handling dangerous compounds, and scalability. The Vapourtec system at BioPACIFIC features a range of reactors offering diverse conditions for thermal, photochemical, electrochemical, and heterogeneous reactions.

Other key features include:
-Automated reagent addition
-Fraction collection triggered by inline analytics including UV-Vis, NMR, and FT-IR
-FlowIR FT-IR analysis from Mettler Toledo
-60 MHz 1H NMR flow-cell based analysis from Magritek – no deuterated solvents necessary!
UV-vis analysis with variable wavelength (190–750 nm)
-Photochemistry supported at 365, 400, and 450 nm wavelengths
-Electrochemistry with broad electrode compatibility and constant current or voltage modes
-Temperatures spanning –70 to 250 °C and wide-ranging flow rates (0.02–10 mL/min)

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