Thin Film Growth Facility

The PARADIM Thin Film Growth Facility is located at Cornell University. Together with the bulk crystal film growth facilities at Johns Hopkins, it provides unprecedented capabilities for discovery of new materials and interfaces.

Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy

Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy (ARPES) is the premiere experimental tool for directly accessing electronic structure in quantum materials.

Tilted LASER Diode Floating Zone Furnace (LDFZ)

The real-time tilting laser-diode floating-zone (LDFZ) is a new variant of the floating-zone melting technique where the molten-zone is established using a set of near-IR (974 nm) lasers mounted on optical platforms that enables real-time control of angle of incidence. Compared to traditional light sources, laser diodes offer exceptional temperature stability and angled heating imparts additional stability to the molten zone. The result is a highly versatile synthetic capability not only for traditional floating zone growths, but also for travelling solvent growth of incongruent melting materials, as well as the laser pedestal growth of a wide range of specimens.

62 Element Molecular Beam Epitaxy Chamber

PARADIM boasts significant ancillary synthesis capabilities to meet user needs. This includes box and tube furnaces, a multizone chemical vapor transport furnace, and a glove box adopted arc melting furnace for air sensitive materials.

EMPAD Detector

High-speed, high-dynamic range momentum-resolved electron microscope pixel-array detector developed by Muller and collaborators

In-Situ Observability

At PARADIM in-situ observability provides insight into the elemental composition and crystallization process, and is essential to rapidly optimizing new electronic materials.

FEI T12 BioTwin TEM

A fully motorized tool in electronic microscopy typically operated at 120 kV.

Spark Plasma Sintering

Spark plasma sintering (SPS), also known as field assisted sintering technique or pulsed electric current sintering, or Plasma Pressure Compaction, is a sintering technique in which powdered sample can be sintered under uniaxial pressure.

TFS Helios G4 UX DualBeam FIB

A tool in Electron Microscopy with high resolution due to its next-gen UC+ Technology.

Sample Alignment and Cutting Facility

PARADIM has capability for sample alignment and cutting through instrument cross-sharing agreements.

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