Texture Technologies Texture Analyzer

The Texture Technologies Texture Analyzer (TA) provides mechanical testing capabilities for soft materials, including small-strain contact mechanics (E, τporo, adhesive Gc), uniaxial compression (E, W, σf, τ, hysteresis), uniaxial extension (E, W, τ, σmax, εf, hysteresis), pure shear tests (E, W, Gc, fatigue, hysteresis), peel tests (Gc, crack velocity), lap shear tests (adhesive strength), puncture tests (Γo, Pc, k'E), and beam bending (E, σf).
The TA can resolve ~1mN of force via a 50N load cell, and can accommodate scanning speeds of 0.01-40mm/sec over a distance of up to 370mm and with a 1µm displacement resolution.
The TA is very light (33 pounds), so it can be used in a fume hood if there are any solvents that need to be vented.

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