Shimadzu Nexera Hybrid HPLC

The Shimadzu Nexera Hybrid HPLC system at BioPACIFIC MIP combines analytical chromatography for method development and fraction re-analysis with a preparative HPLC for fraction collection, eliminating the time-consuming tasks involved in moving samples and fractions between normally separate systems. The HPLC system at BioPACIFIC MIP further improves upon the typically UV-based fractionation processes and subsequent off-line mass spectrometry (MS) by inclusion of an inline single quadrupole MS detector. Direct on-line MS information ensures only fractions containing the target compound are collected. Efficiency in scale-up is maximized through use of a single system that can directly identify target compounds, automatically method scout for optimal column and focused gradients, and determine the purity of collected fractions following a purification run.
The Shimadzu Nexera features:
-Dual prep and analytical flow paths with dedicated UV-Vis and PDA detector;
-A single quad MS detector with ESI and APCI ionization (2000 m/z max);
-Automated injection and column switching with matched C4 and C18 analytical and semi-prep columns;
-Verification of fraction purity with re-injection on the analytical side.

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