High Pressure Supercritical Fluid Optical Floating Zone Furnace

The first optical floating zone furnace in the world to achieve stable operation at 300 bar of pressure, the high-pressure supercritical fluid optical floating zone furnace enables crystal growth at elevated pressure and temperatures. Derived from a Russian design from many years ago, it features a unique single-lamp light source design that provides radially uniform heating while enabling melting of borides and other highly refractory materials, reaching temperatures over 3000 °C. Typical sample sizes that can be accommodated in this furnace are 4-8 mm in diameter and 1-10 cm in height. As with all PARADIM signature tools, it is equipped with full capability to operate growths remotely.

The key feature is to be able to conduct floating zone growths at up to 300 bar of gas. At such pressure, gases such as argon, nitrogen, and oxygen behave as supercritical fluids – with density and physical properties approaching that of a liquid.

This furnace is routinely used in growing crystals of oxide materials with elements in high oxidation states, such as Nickalates that require high oxygen pressure as shown here.

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