GlycoMIP inaugural Summer School reaches 200 participants

Maren Roman, Robert J. Woods

Rather than postpone its inaugural Summer School 2021 because of pandemic travel restrictions, GlycoMIP refocused the event to introduce prospective users and collaborators to the MIP and its research capabilities. The result was a virtual event with a diverse audience of 200 scientists and students with registrations spanning 25 countries. GlycoMIP's first summer school was far-reaching Using a Zoom webinar format, 15 instructors from across the world offered lectures in their areas of expertise. Program content aligned directly with the synthesis, analysis and modeling services of GlycoMIP's user facility. Simple evaluations were conducted following each lecture, with over 96 percent of participants rating the lectures as "Good" or "Excellent" Though not part of GlycoMIP's original Summer School plans, the virtual format culminated in important benefits for the MIP including a sizable team of instructors and a significantly larger, more diverse audience than would have been possible through an in- person event. During the MIP's first year of operation its virtual Summer School 2021 supported its goal of broadening participation in glycomaterials science.