Graphene and Beyond Workshop - 2017 Edition

The Graphene and Beyond Workshop, in its 5th year (2nd year of joint sponsorship with 2DCC), is a collaboration between the Center for 2D and Layered Materials (2DLM) and the 2DCC-MIP at Penn State. The workshop aims to enhance synergy in the community and build toward a strong future in 2D crystal science and technology. The 2017 workshop consisted of morning tutorials and afternoon talks focused on 2D material synthesis, properties, theory and optic/electronics including talks on recent results from the 2DCC and other institutions and discussion on commercialization opportunities for 2D materials.
The poster session consisted of 35 student and 18 non-student entries. The 2DCC supported travel for 3 non-R1 institution attendees (1 PUI, 2 MSIs). A 2DCC user meeting was held prior to the workshop to evaluate facility progress, access and future directions from the user point of view.

Attendees Total: 178 (79 Students)
Unique Institutions: 56
Academic (30; including 8 non-R1)
Government (8)
Industry (17)
International (1)