BioPACIFIC MIP Advanced X-ray Available to Users


The new BioPACIFIC MIP X-ray Diffraction Platform features an unparalleled laboratory SAXS-WAXS (small- and wide-angle x-ray scattering) beamline for high throughput characterization of biopolymers and nanostructures. Custom developed by the research team at UCSB, the instrument utilizes a high brilliance liquid metal jet x-ray source and a 4-megapixel solid state x-ray photon counting area detector to provide the highest data collection efficiency for a laboratory SAXS, with performance levels comparable to a second-generation synchrotron. The in-house team has also developed new sample environments designed for kinetic SAXS measurements upon mixing of complex fluids (mix-SAXS) that will position BioPACIFIC MIP as one of the premiere research facilities in the U.S. for kinetic structural characterization of complex and biological fluids. Operation expected to commence in March 2022; the team has begun engaging with interested users.      

 Importance of the Achievement

The development of this one-of-a-kind tool, with the highest data collection efficiency for a laboratory X-ray instrument and performance levels comparable to a second-generation synchrotron, provides users with easy access to high quality SAXS/WAXS measurements that would otherwise require application to highly-competitive national synchrotron facilities. The beamline design, user interface, and sample environments are all optimized for rapid measurements and turn-around, as well as versatility to suit a wide range of applications, promoting rapid discovery and the MGI approach.