X-ray diffraction Suite


Utilizing multiple Bruker X-ray diffractometers, as grown materials can be investigated to check for structural phase purity. A typical Cu-radiation source is used to produce the X-ray and a strip detector allow to collect statistically modellable powder diffraction data within an hour. The Analysis computer is equipped with EVA and TOPAS software that can be used in refining the powder data. A transmission X-ray powder diffractometer allows pair distribution measurement through a silver X-ray source which provides better penetration. These capabilities are accessible through instrument cross-sharing agreements.

In addition, single crystal X-ray can be performed through JHU central crystallography facility.

-Bruker D8 Powder X-ray diffractometer
-Bruker Advance Ag-Source Transmission X-ray Diffractometer
-JHU Small Molecule X-ray Crystallography Facility

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