Ultrahigh Temperature Midscale Induction Bridgman/CZ Furnace

Induction melting is a versatile tool for the preparation of single crystals. Most lab-scale induction furnaces are designed to produce small specimens whereas industrial versions are designed for multi-inch diameter boules. The PARADIM Ultrahigh Temperature Induction furnace is designed to fill the size gap between these two limits, enabling preparation of ca. 1” diameter, multi-inch long, specimens.
It is configured for both Bridgman and Czochralski crystal growths under high vacuum and inert atmospheres, and temperatures above 2000 °C for the largest specimens.
It has configurable growth rates of 0.01 – 300 mm/hr, with pyrometry-based temperature control. In 2021, advanced optical access to the growth environment, was installed, enabling tuning of the growth parameters in real-time.
The ultrahigh temperature induction furnace can be used to grow cm-to-inch scale crystals of intermetallics, chalcogenides, and halides, such as the two different specimens (a halide and a chalcogenide) shown here.

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